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g-b-1dstyleThe boys of One Direction undoubtedly have a fantastic personal style so here, styles for us girls and One Direction come together. Ever wondered what you'd wear with Harry to prom? Or what shirt to put on when you're going on a study date with Zayn? Well, here we have all sorts of outfit for your perfect date with the perfect date!

Run by four girls;
Lexia (Portrayed by Harry)
Kristjana (Portrayed by Louis)
Toria (Portrayed by Liam)
Hera (Portrayed by Zayn)

If you have any suggestions, questions or just want to chat, drop a question in the ask box

Gotta Be 1D Styles xx

~Because this is a group blog, we can't follow anyone! :) ~

Pick Your favorite

Harry Styles ~ Louis Tomlinson ~ Niall Horan ~ Zayn Malik ~ Liam Payne ~ Eleanor Calder ~ Danielle Peazer ~ Perrie Edwards


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